Sunday, August 8, 2010

salsa un-recipe

into the hot jars now

after the mixing and cooking

this is the first time I have canned salsa
it smells really good, too

So after canning for what felt like days on end last summer, during this winter, we realized that one of the things we often eat and didn't can was salsa!  With a good supply of tomatoes, I decided to make salsa.  I made a sort of "un-recipe" I call it, because I followed no particular recipe and can't remember what I did, exactly....  Then I further complicated the un-recipe by making another batch and not remember what I put into that!  (except more cilantro, less sugar and more crushed pepper)

But, here's how it all went down:

roasted tomatillos
roasted bell peppers
roasted jalapeƱos
roasted garlic
lime/lemon juice
chili powder
crushed pepper

And then it went down on a tortilla chip.  


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