Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough get new boots.

So these have been my favorite pair only pair of boots for a very long time. These are my Ariat lace up boots. They've been through thick and thin, literally, for just over ten years now. My first pair only lasted 5 years through constant use, and these have had almost five years on hiatus. The break-in time on both pairs was painful, but worth every little blister.

So when it became nearly impossible to make it to the barn without ruining a pair of socks because of the leakage, I knew it was time for new boots.

And so it is.
Yes, they're pink. No, I don't normally wear them without jeans, but the point is; I CAN! And yes, my floor is filthy slightly dirty, which is precisely why I chose these boots in the first place! I can slip them off with ease at the porch door without tracking in poop! In the second place, they were ridiculously on sale, and marked down next to their purple counterparts of which I despised didn't care for, so, and here we are.

And here I go! These boots were made for mucking!

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