Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a bowl of strawberries

let's make like strawberries and jam, shall we?

it isn't cost effective, there is a ton of sugar in it, and having it in the house increases the consumption of said ingredient, but oh is it good.

strawberries, check. sugar, check. pectin, check. jars, lids, rings, check.

there isn't much to it. it's more difficult to keep it IN THE HOUSE than it is to make it.

between my husband and myself giving it away and eating it simultaneously, it won't last until January.

even our dear son, who does not usually like jelly with his pb&j really likes this strawberry jam.

i might have to hide a quart jar of it only if (in january) i can remember where i hid it.

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2.46% said...

You have no idea how much I adore fresh made jam. I don't make my own because I have a fear of canning but I do support my local farmers and their jam making efforts. Your jam looks luscious!

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