Friday, August 1, 2008

Ninety at noon

Not a whole lot of productivity going on here at Hope Farms. When I'm doing dishes (from the night before, no less) in the morning, and by noon it is ninety degrees, it's hibernation time. I DID manage to put away the laundry (from the last week, no less) in my air-conditioned bedroom.

In light of my laziness, I was touched deeply by abc world news tonight (am I supposed to capitalize all that?). At the end of their broadcast, they had their "person of the week" and highlighted this kid "Greene" from Atlanta, GA who has spent his summer in Iowa volunteering to help out the flood-ravaged neighborhoods. From sun-up to sun-down he cleans out houses and helps homeowners salvage what belongings haven't been ruined by the water.

I want to be like him. He's16 years old, and gave up his entire summer to do hot, nasty, smelly and heartbreaking, let alone backbreaking work. I'm impressed. And inspired. I'm going to do some research in my community and find out what I can do around here. I'm sure it will have something to do with the elderly, which is fine by me. I've got a garden full of produce that might find itself in some graceful and aged hands.

I'm off to find someone who might need some of my time.

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