Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am

up to my hips in weeds this morning. And while I've been weeding (read: pulling the occasional weed and then happily becoming distracted elsewhere) I've been thinking. Here are some random musings, conclusions, and questions that have been field-mousing-it in the brain;

don't leave a load of laundry that is done, in the washer for ANY length of time when it's August, and 98*F and 80% humidity. Just trust me.

toddlers can and will, get mud in every orifice of their body if you leave them to it long enough

the letter "e" button is missing from the keyboard of my laptop. Does anyone have any idea how often one types the letter "e" when blogging? (I've got to get this fixed) And as an aside, see above about toddler - in this instance, a toddler can and will remove keys from laptop keyboard when left to it long enough.....

good things come to those who dig in the trash. Well, not really dig. Hubby saw an a/c sitting next to a dumpster on his rounds for the county a couple days in a row. On the third day he stopped and asked his co-worker to help him lift it into the truck. Co-worker made snide remarks the rest of the day about how it wouldn't work, and why would it be in the trash if it did, etc... So, hubby brings it home, plugs it in and voila! we have a 24,600 BTU air conditioner sitting in our bedroom window. For free. The knob that turns it from low/med/high fan and a/c low/med/high was broken. Imagine that. He stuck a little hook in there and it works beautifully. Plus side: we are now cool in our 1890 'oven'. Down side: we are now watching our electric meter spin furiously around the box. But. Life is good.

while we're on "free" stuff - there is a sod farm about 8 miles NW of us, and periodically part of a pallet/skid of sod will fall off the truck, which is exactly what happened last week. Hubby picked up just over half a load of sod off the side of the road and we turned the least used portion of our driveway between the house and the well-house into a garden area, lined by this beautiful sod! I got out there this morning and kicked some tail. We had already spread pinestraw in between so I transplanted some sweet basil, cinnamon basil, two rosemary plants, some chives, and a few parsley and dill too. In the front corner I put a red salvia plant - beauty. I've decided it will be the herb garden as it is close and convenient to the kitchen. Again, life IS really good.

I'm back from a short but welcomed interruption by Betty and her niece Jenny from PA. Betty and her five brothers and sisters were born in this house, and she often stops by to visit, which we love. Eddie really enjoyed showing them his toys (read: trucks) and then a trip out to the barn to show them 'his' chickens, pigs and goats. We came back in (because it's just too HOT out there) and ate lunch. Now, guess what I get to do? Convince said toddler it's a great time for a nap. Anyone out there want to 'fill in' for an hour??????????????

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