Thursday, July 31, 2008


Now, there have been some failures and successes in the garden this year, but overall, I love the way a messy garden looks. Organized chaos. The sunflowers just make me grin. This one in particular, at it's full height, measured just over ten feet. It is perfect.

Now if only I could actually GET the picture on here. . . . (20 minutes roll by, with me sighing and sucking my teeth (you know, that noise that used to get you into trouble if you did it after your mother asked you to babysit your little sister?!?!) and almost cussing at this photo-loading process with a slightly lame computer and the gloriousness of dial-up) (just keeping' it real).

Ok, phew. That only took 17 tries. Let's do it again, just for fun.

Yeah. So, it's over on the right side, because lately, "everything is an experiment". But isn't that a really cool picture?
They're all over the place, the sunflowers - up in front by the driveway, by the house, and scattered un-strategically in and around the garden. I've got to do this again next year. Good news is I won't have to buy any seeds.
(insert sheepish and slightly dorky smile here)

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