Friday, March 7, 2008

Goats be Gone

That's Nanny. She's pretty mild mannered, as goats with horns go, but she's a bit stubborn, and flighty. She's an 'ok' mother. And does good with weed abatement here at Hope Farms.

But, I'm done. They're not "baaaaa'd" but, they're not easy to deal with either. They are officially in the paper for sale.

Bye Bye, Goats.

All day Sunday we slaved away putting together a fenced area for them to roam free (so to speak, if you call a fenced area free) so that we wouldn't have to tether them out anymore. And, t-posts and hotwire is relatively easy to relocate in half a day when we need to move their grazing area.

This is Dory. I thought it only fair to come back and add a picture of her that displays her personality. I named her Dory after the movie Finding Nemo. You can imagine.

Three strings of hotwire, about 3 1/2 feet tall. Plug in the electric cord to make the wire 'hot'. Enter goats. Stand back. Watch goats promptly jump fence like deer. Swear off goats.

"That's it!", I said to Ed. "They're gone!".

Today "B", I'll call him, is coming to look at Nanny goat and will probably buy her. I'm going to try to convince him to take all for a really resonable price. If he doesn't, we'll keep Dory and Click and Clack and see what happens from there. Maybe Nanny is the escape perpetrator and Dory will not be so neurotic w/out her. We'll see.

These are the "kids" that were born January 5th of this year. I named them "click" and "clack" after the Car-Talk guys on NPR Saturday mornings. They are cute as buttons. Both billies. And they are already growing their horns. And testicles. (insert eye-roll here)
Cute or not;

I'd rather contain a wild mustang than four goats. And that's saying a lot.

Besides, I told Ed a while ago, that if I'm going to spend time and energy on goats (maybe just...two) then I want to buy a good doe for milking and have a wether (castrated male) for her companion. And I'll just breed her when necessary, and sell the babies. And then we'll have goat milk. And cheese. And stuff to make soap. (look at me, getting all motivated and stuff, and no, I have no idea how to milk a goat and certainly wouldn't know the first thing about making soap, but if I HAD a good milking goat, from a reputable breeder, I'd be well on my way to learning, no?)

Will keep you posted on our goat tales.

Update: "B" came by yesterday and he said he'll take them all. But I'm keeping them for him for another week or so because? Guess what. He's building a fence. Imagine that.

p.s. this morning they were "BAAAAAAAAAA'ing" and I said to them "BBBBYYYYYYYEE". Husband laughed.

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Once again you made me laugh out loud. You're amazing and wonderful and I am so proud of you and your strength.

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