Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Before and After

We started in March of 2007 on this house. Here are a couple miscellaneous "work in progress" pictures.

This is the dining room floor, which, when we bought the house, had a layer of tongue and groove wood flooring over it. We reclaimed the wood flooring, and made the new porch with it. What we were left with was the original heart pine tongue and groove wood floor. It hadn't seen any TLC in many, many years. We used boiled linseed oil and rubbed it in. Then we repeated that in another month or so. It's still a bit rough in spots, but it's not as splintery as it was before we put linseed oil on it. It really brings out the beauty of the wood. There is no insulation under this floor and you can see daylight in some spots. Character I say. Or, entry way, the mice would say.

We've finally completely linseeded all of the flooring in the house, and I must say, I don't know why we waitied so long, except that boiled linseed oil is $16.00 a gallon and it takes about a half-gallon per floor. We did linseed the breezeway walls, and the trim also. Beautiful. I have truly been back 117 years.

More to come....

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