Friday, December 7, 2007

Three wood stoves

Yes, three. It's a very old house, what can I say? No insulation, we're down to the original floor and walls in all but one and a half rooms. Drafty. But it sure is cozy when all three stoves are burning hot and you've got your slippers on and a nice hot cup of tea. With honey. Of course. (the only reason for bees, is to make honey, and the only reason for honey is for me to eat it! sigh-ned, Pooh Bear)

We have one wood-burning cook stove in the kitchen. A Home Comfort stove, circa 1930's. It's white, and works quite nicely for warming the kitchen and for cooking and baking (as long as you put whatever-it-is-you're-baking on the BOTTOM shelf, as the heat comes from the top of the oven.) and just looks nice.

The next stove is ...uh, just a rectangle box. And it works the best. It's in the breezeway (or, hallway, in old farmhouse speak) and keeps our bedroom and little monkey's bedroom nicely chill-free for the most part.

The third stove is a new addition as of today. We traded our neighbor for it. We had a fireplace insert stove with a fan-blower thingie on it. And he needed it. We didn't-so-much need the fan/blower because it was in our bedroom, so really, it would sorta heat us out of the room. Anyways, he had a smallish, square, ornate little stove with little glass windows in the door, and two 'burners' on top. Perfect. Quaint. And smaller than the fireplace insert stove, so we have a bit more room in the bedroom. Nice. Warm. And, don't tell the nieghbor, but this one smokes less when you open the door to chuck wood in. (they ALL smoke, these wood stoves, but some are worse than others.)

I see in the weather forecast that next week will be warmish. 80. By December-in-North-Carolina standards that is HOT'ish. And I will revel in it. I'll take this opportunity to do other things than manage three stoves all day long. Like clean out the goat-stall in the barn, put shavings in and get ready for a kid. Or two. Good thing there isn't the need for a wood-stove in the barn.

Life is good. Heating with wood is messy, and a lot of work. But MUCH easier than forking out a car-payment like sum of money to the electric company during the winter.

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