Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Random Fieldmouse Thoughts

I had a bunch of things I wanted to write yesterday, but in keeping with field-mouse-ology, I forgot most of them overnight and then this morning, can't remember any of them. Must be the cold night air.

There's been a lot of mice, I'm sure, in this old farmhouse. The pantry is a popular hangout, as evidence left leaves one to assume that there might be more than one visiting regularly.

Oh that reminds me, I stepped on one night before last. Yes, I said I stepped on a mouse. I'm assuming he was in there gathering some more dog food to put neatly in a pile in the corner for me to find later. And some more for his friends. But, alas, he gathers no more.

They seem to come inside in the winter, and I for one, can't blame them. I didn't want to be inside this old farmhouse this summer either. The hottest summer on record in who-knows-how-long.

But this post really wasn't supposed to be about mice. This just shows how my self-appointed-stolen-fair-and-square nickname of "fieldmouse brain" fits so aptly. It matches the farmhouse decor. Or is that aura? I can't remember.

Living in a 117 year old farmhouse isn't for sissies. It's occasionally annoying, sometimes fun, and always makes one grateful for the comforts in this technology-laden era in which we dwell.

This is my blog about living in a farmhouse. And everything that goes along with it, which can be confusing and sometimes misleading. And always at least slightly entertaining.

Now that we've been informally introduced. I'm going to post a picture. Somewhere. If I can remember how.

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