Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's quiet in here

And that is because, in true farmhousewife field-mouse fashion, I've been spending all of my time over at Hope Farms, the Farmers' Market (well, okay, not really on the site, but as the market manager I've been preparing for our opening day on April 18), and of course, I'm busy with school. This semester is full of General Biology 112, American Women's Studies, Sociology of the Family and of course, Social Problems.

It's all good. Eddie and the weeds are growing neck and neck and Ed has this place rivaling the Disneyland of Farmville.

We had fun on Easter Sunday - a relaxing (overcast, though) day - we colored eggs, I hid them and Eddie pretended to be surprised when he found them (all in a 40' radius).

The bunny is out with the chickens the goat is producing milk (yes, I said goat) and everyone on the farm is enjoying spring.

How's life in your neck of the woods?


p.s. come on over to the Farm Blog where I've been pontificating and philosophizing about life and farming and chasing dreams. It'll be fun they said. You'll love it they said. They weren't wearing flip flops in the cow pasture, were they?

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Black Fox Homestead said...

Anxious to hear about how things go with your market! We've had a lingering winter so ours doesn't start until May.


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