Wednesday, January 26, 2011


one of my New Year's Resolutions was NOT blogging more often. Must add this to list. Which is somewhere in the middle of another list, which is at the top of the bottom list. Phew!

Let's see - it's late, or early, however you would like to view 2:11am - so I take very little responsibility for the soundness or lack thereof in this post.

I've been getting control of my house (which makes me not have that boiling over frustrated unfinished crazy feeling) and am getting A's in all my classes (oh yes, did I tell you I went back to school?) and winter is in full swing here. Mud, Ice, Snow have all been complimentary guests of Old Man Winter.

Not many out-of-town visitors lately, just the usual traffic through the revolving Hope Farms gate. I've had to politely bow out of play-dates and putting on Suppers and generally hanging out and chewing the fat with the neighbors and local members of the community because of the school thing and all.

Lots to talk about though as far as the exciting end of the year. I had a famous person in my house. Go ahead, Google him. "Louis Menendez".

more later (I promise, it will be towards the top of a list)

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