Sunday, December 19, 2010

I got this....

not really. When the seasons transition from one to another, it sorta jumbles everything up and I don't juggle well. I've been having company, having and attnding little Christmas party get-togethers and not doing anything crafty or creative and I'm getting kinda cranky about that.

Christmas is in one week, I have no camera and you know what? I'm OK with all of the above. I really am. I'm pretty sure Alzheimer's won't set in for at least 20 years so I'm good with collecting all the bits of memories this year in my head. It's been a pretty good year overall, Thank God.

Eddie is asking more and more questions about Santa and it's pretty cute. We Googled images of the North Pole last night and he enjoyed looking at the pictures. Today he wants me to find a movie of Santa and Rudolph and as it's still in the low thirties outside, I might as well give in.

Ed is outside building something and it's about time to go feed lunch in the barn. Old man winter has arrived, the chickens are laying eggs - we're getting five to eight a day - the steers are getting bigger, albeit slowly, and the horses are faring pretty well, considering Spencer's last bout with a bit of colic.

With a heart full of love and a wee bit of holiday cheer,

may we bid you, from our house to yours,

Merry Christmas!

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My Groovy Entropy said...

Brrrr... Barn lunch in 30* weather, No thanks! Yet your world has such a romantic ring to it. I was super happy to get your comment the other day. Have really missed you on FB. I finally blogged, so pics are up for you to meet my Biscuit. Love you!

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