Saturday, August 21, 2010

Turkey Tales

Once upon a time, there were three white production turkeys.  We found them via FreeCycle, an invaluable tool for frugal folk, picked them up and brought them home.

So cute and fluffy - or - as I like to say, "so ugly he's cute".  These are the turkeys raised akin to the Cornish Cross chickens, like the one I rescued. They have been bred to grow quickly and basically grow so large and awkward that they cannot reproduce on their own.

When we first brought them home they were about one year old.  They followed us around like dogs having been raised by a young girl for a 4-H project.  Her mom promised her that they would not slaughter any 4-H project and so this is why they were FreeCycled.  p.s. they eat a lot.  I mean, a LOT!

The turkeys seemed to like living here at Hope Farms.  They were all the rage with the neighbors.  Well, except for one neighbor who came visiting and got chased over the fence feathers flapping, feet a flying and needless to say, her feathers were a bit, er, ruffled.

Unfortunately, one of the turkeys attacked a dear friends daughter and scratched her back, so we had to give him away.  This was of course after we ate the first one for Thanksgiving.  It was the best turkey I've EVER tasted.  Thank You God for this food.  Thank you turkey for giving us food.  Amen.

And then, the last one attacked dear husband!  So we ate him for Christmas!  


my Groovy Entropy said...

I loved the sweet story up until the end... NO!!! Not the cute fluffy 4-H babies!! Well, at least they tasted good.

Janet said...

Gotta love a turkey tale! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes dinner is the best alternative.

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