Thursday, July 22, 2010

Misssed Photo Opportunities

Yes, there are times when I do not have my camera on my person.  Hard to believe, I know.  But, I thought you might be wondering about what photos are missed so here is a short list:

The copperhead who is now missing it's head (sorry, fella, er...lady?  you're poisonous and I have no money for a vet bill, let alone a human anti-venin treatment)

My foot, when it slipped off my proper farm foot wear flip-flop into the big pile of poop as I was exiting the barn breezeway.

The lady bug crawling around my laptop (on the upper left hand corner at this very moment).

Speaking of flip-flops - you should see the city-girl-farmer's-tan I've got going on.  Maybe I'll paint my toes tomorrow and do a photo shoot - where in the heck is that lady bug?

The black snake that was caught red-handed in the act of attempting to swallow one of my beloved Olde English BB Red hens eggs - she has been building this clutch of eggs for over a week - I went to the barn to let April out of her stall and just for kicks and giggles shone the flashlight on the nest and there he/she was!  With one egg swallowed already?  I screamed (no one heard me) and ran to the house to tell my husband "git yer boots on, it's snake-killing-time".  Then I proceeded to hyperventilate hold the flashlight for him while he beheaded the poor thing AFTER it regurgitated the egg.  I know.  And yes, we put it back in the nest.

Hmm.  Don't know if I can top that mental picture.  Better quit now while I'm ahead.

So, I'll leave you with this thought and/or picture - beside me is a little boy who fell asleep watching Lady and The Tramp and beside him is the man who runs to the barn in the middle of the night to kill a snake for me and they're both sleeping.  I wonder if he'll taste the lady bug when he wakes up?

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WOW! Snakes, yuck!!

What is this leisure time of which you speak?

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