Thursday, July 22, 2010

the beat of a different drum

Our Sandhill Regional library system has a summer program, that we like to take advantage of because 1. it's fun and 2. it's a good excuse to get out of farm chores and 3. the kids love like it.  Best of all, 4., it's FREE.

While we did sign up for the reading prizes, we have been more interested in the shows, below, than keeping track of the books we've read.

While we had lots of company at the beginning of our summer, we didn't attend the first seven few shows, but we did start this week on Monday with the Poetry Slam with Allan Wolf, who rocked the Monday out of the house.

Then, yesterday was the dead animal hide wildlife pelts display with

Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge and while Janet was great - I think the kids (and, I) would have like to have seen some actual live animals and/or maybe a slide show of the live animals that the pelts represented.

and then,

THIS woman - Beverly Botsford - was phenomenal!  

I took a few photographs and videos of her performance and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her performance - the boys and girls all around me did too!  I'll put those in another post as soon as I quit procrastinating get time.

So far, this has been the best summer in a long, long while.

Now, I just need my Mom, Sister and Mike, Grandma and Grumpy Grandpa to visit.  It will be like fresh whipped topping on a 2010 strawberry shortcake summer.  

Life Is Delicious! 

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