Thursday, November 6, 2008


We all have stuff. You know, stuff. Like, well. Stuff.

Ever see the movie Home for the Holidays - with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. and that really hot, er, uh - handsome man who plays Robert Downey Jr.'s friend? (what IS his name...I wish he lived next door) (not really) It's directed by Jody(ie?) Foster. Not that that means anything to me, but it has a nice ring to it. Plus it might impress someone that I know who directed a movie. Made, like - 15 years ago. Or more. (huh? wha?)


When we went back to SoCal we cleaned out the retired UPS pup trailer. (pup suddenly sounds like a pet name for an inanimate object. I might have to employ that here at Hope Farms.....maybe the gate needs a nickname....) Twenty Seven feet by eight feet of glorious


Stuff in boxes.

Stuff in bags.

Stuff stuffed in bags and then in a box. Stuff bulging out of bags. Stuff High. Stuff Low.

This reminds me of a story I need to tell you, it's called, "shit has followed us here", but that's for later.

Back to stuff.

The good news is: it's done. The stuff has been eliminated, sold, trashed, given away, "on loan from God" (I'll get to that later too) and some of it, was packed into 12 boxes, with a total weight of 565 pounds (!), put on a pallet, shrink wrapped (by my ever-so-patient-and-accomodating husband (THANKS HONEY! Muah!) and labeled with a weigh-bill. Or, bill-of-lading. Or, manifest. Or, truck-driver's instructions. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me.) and sent HERE!!!!!

I even told the broker that it was being delivered to "Hope Farms", so as to eliminate the $75 "residential delivery" fee. (what? well, I could see that if I lived in a condo. Or a tract home. Or, a neighborhood, period. So, ok, I get it.)

It came. It got dropped off. And I hand trucked (with my ancient wheel-barrow/handtruck/toddler-hot-rod thingie) (hey - maybe that's what I need to assign the coveted nickname "pup"!?!) all 12 boxes to the back deck (see this post)(and then, remind me that I need to download and then upload the finished pictures of said deck) and then......I left them there.

Only for a few hours. Then, I commenced to jump headfirst into knee-deep S-T-U-F-F. It was like Christmas, except, I had seen this stuff before, and there was no ribbon tied on so tight that it hurt your fingers to untie it. Stuff, glorious stuff.

So now that chapter is written and the door is closed on the California stuff. It's now North Carolina stuff.

All that to say, no matter where it is, stuff is still stuff. More interesting and important stuff tomorrow. With pictures (which always makes pointless boring posts MUCH more interesting....)

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Southern Gal said...

Ack! You're reminding me of all my "stuff" strewn about South Carolina! I've been in San Diego almost 4 years now & I still have "stuff" ("glorious stuff") at my parents' house in S.C., & at my grandma's house in S.C.! I keep saying I'm going to "deal with it" next time I go home. But, I'll be there in 2 weeks for Thanksgiving, & I just don't see it getting done this time. Maybe next time!

And yes, of course, by all means, link my blog :)Thanks for all the comments!

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