Friday, September 12, 2008


Well I said I'd come back, I just didn't say when!

Oh-kay. So. About Supper. Let's say I don't entertain nearly as often as I'd like to. But lately, I've been listening to my jiminy cricket and inviting folks over to eat. Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting L & C for supper. I marinated chicken breasts, grilled them, and had brown rice, and peas with sauteed red onions, as well as a green salad. Father-In-Law arrived Monday night, so all around it was a great supper with good lively conversation. Simple food. (Thanks C for the chunky apple cake! SOO good. She even brought the recipe, AND a bunch of the apples)

I love having people over. I don't mind cooking. I don't mind the dishes. I don't mind company staying too late. I don't even mind them using my "good towels". Wait. I don't have "good towels". No matter. Every time I invite people over for supper, it is a refreshing and fulfilling experience. Even if before, there was a hesitancy, that personalities might clash or such. I have learned to not pre-judge. I have learned to extend a supper offer even if I don't feel like it. I have learned that having supper with people is important. It's a nice way to "give" if you don't have $ to buy gifts, or even $ for gas money to go visit these people. It's my way of opening my heart, when I open my farmhouse door.

Supper isn't shared enough. You're officially prompted to invite someone(s) over for supper. Keep the menu simple. Don't worry about the dishes. Give what you have. And see what happens.


Dee and Elijah Sue said...

I sooooo agree with you. I am in my element when we "entertain" which sadly is rare.

I enjoy cooking simple, wholesome, yummy food. My favorite sound in the world is "yummy" noises: mmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaah!

Your meal sounded perfectly simple and delectible. Glad it was a success!


MamaDawn said...

Ha ha ha... they can use your good towels... that made me laugh... I too wish I could entertain more often.

I'm tagging to you too... so you're it!

What is this leisure time of which you speak?

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