Thursday, September 18, 2008


Like a lot of folks nowadays, I have TWO sets of In-Laws. As does my husband. Let's attack his first, because,...well, just because.

His Mom, "M" - whom I call "Mom" is one of the most creative, talented, soft-hearted, strong women I have ever met. And her husband "S" is kind, intelligent and extraordinarily thoughtful and conscientious. She is a hard act to follow. Gives even the virtuous Proverbs woman a run for her money. Seriously.

His Dad, "L" - whom I call "Dad" is very consistent, reliable, easy-going and generous. His wife, "C" - whom I call "C" is loud, tell-it-like-it-is-regardless-of-who-what-when-where-why, and also generous. And funny.

(m.s. please feel free to ask yourself, where is she going with this? p.s. I decided to make up the initials "m.s." to mean "Mid-Script". Just like "Post-Script" but, in the middle. Get it?)

Now that we live where we live, we don't have any family that is within 'dropping by' distance. Visits from In-Laws are planned with estimated stay days divulged in advance. For example, "I'm coming to visit from October 13th to the 20th."

This way I can clean the entire house the morning of the 13th and call it good. Except when I realize I forgot to change the sheets on the guest (read: Eddie's) bed.

I love it when I have company. My MIL (mother-in-law) once told me that company is like fish - it stinks after about three days. I once told her, rubbish and poppycock - it's at about ten days that company is like a rotting potato in the pantry. You don't smell it until it's too late. Nor can you find it. It exists somewhere in that pantry, but you're too lazy to clean the pantry. Just kidding. I never told my MIL that. But she did tell me the fish thing.

All this talk of In-Laws has made me think of the movies "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers". If you haven't seen those movies, I'm sorry. You've missed out on some really good belly laughs. I can't decide who's better; Ben Stiller, Robert Deniro or Dustin Hoffman. I enjoyed all of their characters immensely.


The point is, In-Laws are fun. And occasionally annoying. (c'mon, we all know that we are JUST as annoying to our In-Laws, as they can be to us) For instance, we had the pleasure of FIL visiting last week from Monday to Friday. After the third day (remember the fish?) I was going around the house with my mother-of-all laundry baskets collecting the small piles of laundry from the small-fry baskets. I went to Eddie's room to collect the dirty laundry from that basket. (FIL & Eddie are in Eddie's room, playing with the new firetruck that "Papa" brought) I pick up the dirty laundry from the small basket and put it in the big basket. FIL says to me, "Are those clean clothes you have there?", as he points to the big basket, while I'm putting dirty laundry in it.

Huh? Wha?

'scuse me?

"No Dad, these are dirty" is what I said. But what I was thinking, now that's another post. But I'll give you a hint.

What kind of question IS that? C'mon people. (I know, I'm mean huh.)

Thing is, if that's the worst thing I endure from In-Laws, I've got it made. And I do. I honestly wish they would visit more often.

Life IS good.

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