Friday, April 4, 2008

What I did yesterday

Exciting stuff folks, hold on to your hats, er....mice. Mouses?

With 118 year old wood floors, we do serious maintenance here. It's called, "dirt in, dirt out, dirt in" (yes, we like dirt, it is our friend...I'm ok with it, I really am). And once a week whether they need it or not, the floors get a good sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping with Murphy's Oil Soap, my favorite cure-all. (it works really good on dishes too, when you're out of Dawn....)

So, after picking up the elmo flashlight, the dog bed, assorted toddler toys times one thousand, and husbands dirty laundry, which never, for the life of me, seems to make it into the basket (could it be? that I usually have a merry-go-round assortment of baskets, bless his heart, and he never knows which one is clean and which one is dirty?) and at least three pair of my flip-flops (preferred farmhousewife footwear) I commence to sweep.

Meanwhile, toddler is screaming "baby want BAGO" which is BAGEL in toddler speak, so I oblige him in a half blueberry bagel toasted, with neufatchel (sp?) cheese. Who cares how to spell it, it's 1/3 less fat, that's all I know, and it tastes good. And it quiets screaming toddlers and mesmerizes puppies.

*short interruption for toddler demanding "broken toast" - one toasted slice of bread, buttered, with cinnamon and sugar, folded in half, hence the 'broken' name* (yep, we're fresh out of bagels)

Ok, where was I ...oh yes, sweeping, my least favorite job out of all the fun cleaning jobs. Could it be that it seems to just swirl the particles of dust around in a mini-tornado, only to lie there, mocking me, until I get the vacuum out? Anyhow. We'll keep this short and sweet. Sweep. Vacuum. Mop. Mutter at the dog when he comes in happily marking the floors with his sweet little muddy paw-prints.

So, the floor is clean and the house at least smells clean and that's why I love Murphy's Oil Soap. Because the floors are so old, even when they are clean, they may not appear to be so. But they smell good. I could make my own Febreze styled commercial but with Murphy's Oil Soap. Can you just see me crouched down with my nose to the ancient smelly floor? haha!

What else did I do? Hmm. Think, think, think. Oh yeah! I kept dishes out of the sink, except, as of this morning, they snuck back in there!! Eddie and I brought in wood. Gave the puppy a bath. Made beds. Did laundry. Cut fingernails. Brushed teeth. Went potty on the "big boy" potty at least four times (yay!).

Ok, so I don't have the energy or motivation to tell you what ALL I DID do yesterday, and I must go now, because I'm being beckoned by a toddler, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and there is half a load of laundry sitting on "soak" cycle in my washing machine that must get tended to. All in all, it's going to be another busy day here at Hope Farms. And because it is spring, Hope is growing wild everywhere.

Oh! one more thing! The potatoes HAVE BEEN PLANTED people. Oh, and we have lift-off with the broccoli and cabbage seedlings too! YIPEE!!

More later.

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