Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So I spent a few days in the big city of Charlotte. Actually, just on the outskirts in a township called Matthews. I went home with Gregg, Kathy, and Eric on Sunday night, after our day of gallavanting around Hope Farms - enjoying some really tasty Coney Island Dogs and cole slaw, with bbq flavored chips and corn on the cob. Sorta like a premature summer day.

Earlier on Sunday, we went to the church Easter Egg Hunt and watched the kids run around scrambling for eggs (no pun intended, or, was it?). Eddie had a blast. He followed a girl named Savannah around and even gave her some of his eggs because she was smaller than everyone els and couldn't get the eggs as fast. So sweet!

But I digress; I did close to nothing for almost three full days while I was at their happy home. I painted my finger and toe-nails. Pink. And dark Pink. (or, Hot Pink) We enjoyed a couple trips to the GW (GoodWill) and acquired some great second hand items. Namely, sandals, jeans, capri's and a couple t-shirts. Eddie of course, followed Eric around and they got some good old fashioned "hot wheels" time in along with some disney movies.

We went to PF Changs Tuesday night with Kathy's best friend Diane and we had a blast. After we ate, I took Eddie outside and ran into a guy walking his little terrier dog that fell in love with Eddie. I couldn't help but notice his jacket said "U.C. Davis" and I asked him if he was from California; and he was. We chatted for a while and his dog became even more enthralled with Eddie. We had a great chat about the difference between CA and NC and we agreed,...the living here is fine indeed.

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