Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organized Chaos

Usually, I can't stop myself from saying whatever is on my mind, but lately - I've been a bit subdued.  I was about to use the word "normal" in a sentence, but I wonder if everyone here shares my philosophy that the word is a setting on the dryer?

We are gathered here today to talk about my muse.  Er, uh - ahem, the lack thereof of my muse.

See, when time gets tight, I tend to focus on the must haves in life, like clean laundry, food, clean dishes, oh, and my little side gig - called full time work and school.  But less inspiration crosses the threshold of this wanna-be-creative farmhousewife.  Which causes farmhousewife-withdrawals.  It's not pretty, folks.

On Sunday, I carefully planned my time according to allotments of necessary chores and schoolwork said 'to hell with it' and re-arranged the entire living room which had not been touched in well over 9 months.   At first it was the gigantic lop-eared over-sized dust-bunnies that disgusted me.  As I moved furniture about, I dusted, swept, then mopped. Once the cleanliness began, then, I experienced the strong motivation to create beauty around me.  I sweated whirled about, changing the red slip-cover on the heavy couch, fluffed and punched pillows, arranged magazines and what-nots on the coffee table, angling the furniture just-so,  for a close and intimate feel, but still handy to watch the monster-in-the-room television if that were to strike a fancy.

At the time, I didn't realize this was the drive I was experiencing, as it felt more PMS-related and the fact that the house did not have 7 year old and 44  year old feet tracking mud throughout (they were on a road-trip!).  But later, as I was done, and sat down with a bowl of chicken-n-dumplings I looked around and felt peaceful.  Why, all of the sudden did I feel so much better?  So much more ready to sit for hours on end and stare into an extra-large biology book, pretending to know how many charged atoms, protons, neurons and nuclei are in a molecule of minuscule proportion.

It was because I got my muse back.

My point is; when I feel out of control it helps to create beauty, therefore re-organizing the chaos in my mind and my living room.  Beauty comes in many forms; food, home, garden, and I aim to find more time for it.  It re-inspires me.

I didn't ace the biology quiz by the way, but now I have a really nice space to retreat to when the going gets.........normal.

*no photos, I know...b o r i n g.... let me get some snapped when I get home later today and I'll upload.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you can always call my biology teacher hunney if you ever need help.

A Daughter of the King said...

A beautiful and funny truth. Normal is JUST a setting on the dryer. BTW, your muse showed up :-)

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