Monday, December 12, 2011

gah! finals!

Today was the last day of the semester.  I have officially completed 35 units since beginning in January.  Tomorrow, I will laugh at my textbooks.  And then post a 'for sale' ad in hopes that someone will buy them.  

Hopefully we'll get around to decorating our "outback" Christmas tree by the weekend.  The wee one, who isn't really so 'wee' anymore, is really looking forward to it.  He's going to be in a Christmas play at one of the local churches this year and has enjoyed his weekly practice of singing.  It's the cutest thing. Darn.  It makes me want to freeze time.

Kindergarten is going really well for him, except for the 2 colds, 1 round of flu and 2 rounds of a stomach bug he's had thus far.  And his "year" of school is not even half-over.

The greenhouse is up, the pig had her piglets and winter is here on the farm.  More updates later.  I'm going to go read........a NOVEL! Or,...a NEWSPAPER!

Tomorrow:  beef stew with vegetables all brought to us by local or homegrown/home-preserved foods cooked right here on the wood-cook-stove.

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