Monday, May 16, 2011

What I did today:

in somewhat of an order, but not really;

  • looked at baby chicks in the incubator that hatched overnight
  • went back to bed and snuggled my son
  • drank a cup of coffee and checked email
  • took pig slop to pigs
  • took pictures and video of Auntie Jenn and Ed and Eddie & Dillion and Andrew ride motorcycles in the driveway
  • fed and watered chickens
  • made horse buckets
  • collected eggs
  • coo'ed and awe'd at baby Xander and talked to my sister in the kitchen while we swatted at flies
  • made sausage-egg casserole with lots of veggies in it
  • talked to Dana and Paula and the new puppy
  • hung laundry on the line
  • kissed baby Xander
  • did dishes
  • did more laundry (but did not put away any of it)
  • ate leftovers
  • did more dishes
  • hung out with Xander while Auntie Jenn rode motorcycles with Ed and Eddie
  • messed around in the barn topping off feed and water
  • got a shower!
  • Becky, Steve and the kids came over and visited for a while
  • Jim Bowles came over and visited for a while
  • met Aunt Betty and her daughter Katrina at the fence in the chicken pasture - talked to them for a while and they gave me a catalog to one of the coolest places I've never been
  • had a full-on conversation with a three month old 
  • went over to Becky and Steve's for pizza and conversation, some ridiculously funny movie(?) and then came home
  • told Xander he was a trooper for staying up so late and had another great few minutes with him.  He is such a happy baby!  So happy to have my sister and nephew here.
  • forgot to  mention the coffee I had at Becky and Steve's which is why I'm awake.  While everyone else is asleep.  And I'm here.  Writing this.

It's ALL good.

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Callie said...

A well fill day! Love your quilt post. I feel the same way about them. I am being careful to put labels on the quilts I make so there will be a record of who they are for, when and why.

What is this leisure time of which you speak?

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