Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As I was posting a comment to a friend's blog the other day, the word verification process came and I entered the given letters.  And then I laughed because it so described me and my boots that day:  mudess.  Yes, I have a new nickname for myself.  Mudess.  I like it, it has a nice (muddy) ring to it and looks somewhat elegant when capitalized, too.

"Yes, your Mudess, I will take the wheelbarrow full of manure to the compost pile right away."

(hee hee!)

Because I'm naturally nosy, I went to to see if I could find a definition for mudess, alas there was none.  Perfect!  (don't we all want to coin our own nicknames?)

The English student in me wants to add a "d" in there.  Muddess.  Is this "proper" spelling for a word that doesn't really exist?  Or, should it be left in all of it's un-glory of mudess?  Yeah, I just made up another word:  un-glory.  I kinda like it, too.

Speaking of liking words, let's review some of my favorites.  Please chime in at any time and add yours, too.


Okay, so I admit it.  I wondered what the next word verification would be so I went and posted another comment, which served a dual-purpose as I really did want to continue reading her blog because it's been a long while since I've been able to spend any amount of time reading anything except one or the other of two English or Religion textbooks.  So, the next word I got was:

~~drum roll~~


wha?  is that RAT-EAR or RA-TEAR or.....RATE-AR.  hmm.  Interesting.

Not quite as cute and quaint and befitting as mudess, but fun and completely useless nonetheless.

Have a great day!!  Anything you do after reading this will be considered productive so have at it!!

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