Wednesday, October 20, 2010

when I'm sick

I like to do stuff that isn't strenuous. Since during my mom's recent visit from California she taught me to crochet "rag rugs" I've been picking up flat sheets from thrift stores and making rugs. I gave one to a girlfriend as a gift at her most recent baby shower and she said she really liked it. I'm hoping to make some more and put them up for sale. Problem is, I want to keep them all!

When I start doing crafty stuff, I like to browse for inspiration. When a friend of mine posted her link on Face Book I ended up here.

I really enjoy seeing what others create and where their inspiration comes from. When I saw that Paige was only 14 I was not only impressed but slightly jealous! I didn't get the creative bug until I had a home of my own and my son was not so time-consuming. So in other words, the last couple years I've been trying new things, from canning and preserving to crocheting and attempting my first quilt.

Anyhow, I entered her giveaway and my favorite item from The Pretty Poppy are the Chrysanthemum earrings! So cute! I like the turquoise ones as they would go with that cute dress I wore to the baby shower on Saturday (I even dusted off the high heels!!).

When I get one of the three cameras in this house up and running (one needs a special battery, the other needs a new memory card and the third needs a lobotomy, but we all need something, right?) I'll snap a few pics of these fun rag rugs I've been making.

Stay well friends!

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The Blessed Sparrow Hand Crafted Inspirational Gifts said...

Hi Sheila! So sorry you aren't feeling well...I hope you are up and at 'em again very soon!
I have been wanting to make a rag rug too...I can't wait to see your pictures. Please fix one of those cameras soon and post some pics!
Take care friend and feel better!

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