Monday, October 11, 2010

computer up, camera down

For whatever reason, because I've been busy with company, and other stuff too, I have not taken the time to post on this blog. Part of that reason, I've justified to myself, is that my camera quit working right after I got back online with a computer. I have none of my collection of photos on this computer. Because of that, I feel uninspired to blog. Not that I can't write without a photograph, but when my mind goes blank, it helps to stir up a feeling, and then a post commences.

It's Monday. The air is crisp and I can feel the change of the season in the air and in my toes. (they're a wee bit cold) When I look outside I see the subtle changes in the colors of the leaves. I see the extra fuzz coming onto the horses' coats. And the waning of the flowers in the gardens. Most things still flowering are going to seed. And there is this overwhelming desire to grab my camera and capture it all but, alas, I cannot.

It was hot enough this summer to delay my complaints of cold until at LEAST November. Although my vegetable garden suffered for the heat this year, I do feel as though every year gets better and better around here. I learn something new on an almost daily basis. Like how high heat, humidity and irregular watering can make for the most bitter cucumber you've ever tasted. Not even the hogs will eat them. They typically eat everything except for citrus rinds. As we give them all of our scraps (except meat) they have come to love the leavings in the garden. I've also learned not to throw the seeds and trimmings from hot peppers in the pig slop. Poor things, that lesson was a one-time event.

I did some transplanting of Chrysanthemums, red Salvia, Hollyhocks and Periwinkle this morning and now I'm going to make use of the pine straw that Captain Strong Arms is gathering for me. I'm enjoying this bit of sunshine today, with a high of nearly 90* well into October and am now going to burn some memories onto my own personal memory card; my brain. Camera or no, I'll remember this fall with fondness. And I'll just have to work a bit harder at jogging my post-generating senses sans photographs.

It's beautiful out there, you'll just have to take my word for it.

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