Saturday, July 31, 2010

more Before and After

July 2007

This was an addition built in the 40's.

It had some major issues.  Like, no floor.

Story was that they built it for the Health Department to use.  For Polio Vaccinations.

What a Mess.

Captain Strong Arms AKA:  Mr. Fix-It

The project stalled for about a year.  Other things were pressing.  Like, heat and hot water.

So in August of 2008 we got started on it again.

These chairs, compliments of 1970's, we primed and painted.

The monster couch is next.  See the nice window where the 1960's air conditioner was?

The "floor" of this porch is from the ceiling of a house in Exway.  Way to recycle, huh.

We use a lot of primer around here.

Primed and painted barn red....

Almost finished with the red.

And this concludes the do-over of the north east corner of the house.

And now for the roof.
To Be Continued.....


Miriam said...

I am SOOOOO impressed! What hard work, and what great results! There is nothing like a red door...

My Groovy Entropy said...

Absolutely fabulous!! I love posts like this. Great job.

Pam said...

We have a small home in Hawaii built in the 1960s and have the similar type of metal roofing. When it rains hard, you can hardly hear yourself think. I'm enjoying seeing the changes you are making in your home. Following you back (and Thank you!) :) Pam @ Sallygoodin

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