Thursday, January 7, 2010

sitting still at eighty nine miles per hour

it was one of those years. you know, where the things you don't think will hapItalicpen, do happen. can't get specific here, because if i focus on the negative, it gets too much press. wouldn't want to compete with fox news.

*you have been warned; this is a post of utmost nonsense and full of land mines due to soulful dumping*

now, that year has rear-ended this year and not that it's starting as a bad year, it's just.......solemn. reflective. still.

yet moving so very quickly.

i've preliiminarily decided to stop monkeying around on facebook so much and get back to the basics of this blog which was originally created to generally chronicle life in a farmhouse, on a farm, married to a farmer in disguise, while restoring said farmhouse.

so now you know. it was just a new years resolution in disguise.

i've decided to actually post on my own blog. more. often. than. not.


*see warning*

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