Thursday, November 5, 2009

housewives, the almost-desperate kind

I thought housewives were supposed to lounge around in pajama's until noon, pile the dishes in the sink and wash them right before the husband gets home and in the meanwhile, do things like paint toenails, watch soap opera's and eat bon-bons....?

Somewhere, I missed a memo, because my glamorous life is busier than ever.

As evidenced by this here neglected and underfed blog.





It's not necessarily that I have nothing to write about. We've repainted the kitchen, re-arranged the dining room, and the living room. FINISHED the living room, speaking of which, and it's lovely.

The fence is done. The barn is in order. The grape arbor has been put up. The leaves have been put into a compost bin. The walnuts have been picked up.

It's just that because all of this stuff is getting done, none of it is getting written here!

Supper's almost ready, got to run.

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Cherie said...

Love it. Your life is always interesting. Would love more pics.

What is this leisure time of which you speak?

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