Monday, February 23, 2009

You're Crazy!

One day, I got a new old stove.  And on that day, I was very happy.  Until I got shocked.  Dear Husband didn't believe me.  And so I cooked, and got shocked for about 3-4 weeks.

On another day, I complained about being shocked.  (side note:  I used to get shocked with the old stove too.)  He said, "you're crazy - this stove isn't shocking you - you're imagining things.".

Hmph.  (at this point, one IS asking oneself "are you SURE you're being shocked?")

And so I cooked some more.  And bzzzz'ed myself some more.  And, of course, complained some more.  While I enjoyed especially the new arrangement of the kitchen and the improved "flow" of all things related to cooking and spending time in one of the most used parts of the home, I was not enjoying the sporadic correlation between the oven being on and the burners intermittently working, or...not working.  Let's not forget the electrical figments of my imagination coursing through my fingers.  (smile)

One day (I'm sensing a pattern here) it happened.  I told him about the burners not working on medium, low, or warm.  So he started investigating.  He got shocked.  (secret smile)  So he worked on this stove and cleaned switches and removed stuff and put other stuff on and took something else off and then put it all back together again (technical terms, I know).  But it still didn't work right.

Then, an electrician guy that Ed works with (his boss) told him to check the ground.  Sure enough.  It wasn't connected properly.  Which would explain my insanity, er...uh - I mean, my getting shocked.  

Fixed.  The thing works like a dream.  And my husband not only thinks I am the best cook he also doesn't question my sanity (as often).

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