Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It all started when we bought this farmhouse...

This was April 2007. We'd been here about a month. We had to tackle a few things INSIDE before we could get to the OUTSIDE.
Fast forward to July 2007 - the addition comes off.
My husband is so fast, he'd already taken the roofing off before I could get the camera and take pictures....
Hi Jr.!
The week of The Fourth of July, last year, 2007.
I'll move quickly through this, because we're talking over a years' time here. This is the East (ENE) side of the house. See how the wood on the side of this addition doesn't match the rest of the house? Good.(if not, that's ok - it's hard to see!) Well, that's where the 'addition' was put on. The story we were told was that in the 1940's, the Health Department for this county needed a place to give vaccinations for the Polio Virus, and this community being one of their 'stops' - the owners of this home agreed to put on an additional room - with it's own entrance - just for that purpose.
It was falling down, and dragging the "mother-in-law's" quarters with it. The floor had been cut out (perhaps the previous occupants were in need of firewood? who knows) and it was a mess. I should probably have photographed the inside of the room for documentation's sake. But, I didn't.
As you can see, the house had been painted (several times?) since the addition had been added.

Yes, I put this picture in twice, not only to make you wonder if you were seeing double, but just to reiterate how very ugly this portion of the house was. For over a year. (because we were busy w/inside projects, which I will get to later. much later.)
Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Can we say Ugly?

Here is the destructor. At his best.
Fast forward to August 2008. For some reason, beyond our comprehension, some brainiac who shall remain yet un-named (oh who cares, his name was Watson) CUT A HOLE IN THE WALL to place a very large, heavy albeit in-working-condition 1969 air conditioner in it. So, since husband had painted the house up to this point, it was time. To fix what was ugly, and make it beautiful. And yes, that's Jr. in the hole-in-the-wall.
Hi Cutie!
Oh so sweet - blowing kisses to his mother! uh..what were doing? Oh YES, the house. Ok.So this is where we got to by the third weekend in August. The exterior has been scraped, caulked, and primed by Mr. Go-Getter and I...uh...kept him fed and chased the toddler. And, primed the chairs that are sitting on their backs, on the saw-horses. The couch is sitting on the unfinished portion of the deck. A story about this furniture; (There's always a story, don'tcha know) When we first moved into this house, we didn't have much in the way of furniture. So, our neighbor's dad brought us this set. It is Big. It is Heavy. It is Ugly. And I think it's from 1977. In the heart of ugly-heavy-big furniture era. The cushions, mercy-me, are...well, let's not talk about them. Anyways, we are so grateful for the givers in this neighborhood. Turns out, the guy whose furniture this IS, is now married and his wife won't let him have it back. So we decided to turn it into our deck furniture. Isn't this a way to 'go-green'? Recycle, Reuse, and...refinish.

You can see here that he replaced the door, with a door that had nice windows - to let light into the bedroom, and fixed the hole in the wall with a nice window, to let even more light into the bedroom.

All primed, and ready for paint. But wait...
Not done yet. Still have to prime the rest of the deck. Which is comprised of the ceiling of the house hubby tore down last spring. It's bead-board. And has seen many colors over the years as you can tell in the next picture.

I scraped and he caulked. Then I primed. Then, he painted.
The red is 'barn and fence' paint. Just so happens it's a near carbon-copy of our "Brick Dust" trim paint. Who knew one could come so close with OOPS Paint?

From the inside lookin' out.
And here, as you can see, the house has been painted as well as the deck. I'm still not finished. WE are still not finished, but I'll come back and update this again. Later.


Chris Johnston said...

Thanks for sharing Sheila! Now i'm ready to see the inside!

Dee and Elijah Sue said...

Wow! The house is looking great! I LOVE the red deck, btw. It really "pops".


April said...

Very, very Cute! I love the red decking.

To answer your question, we got the pedal tractor at our local Orschlens, it's a farm supply store. They almost always have them in those stores.

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