Saturday, July 26, 2008

While you were out.....

Remember those message pads at work? Yeah. (not that those are remotely related to what I'm about to say, but...I was amused for some reason by the phrase, "While you were out"....) I need for my computer to submit an absence excuse note because my lack of blogging can possibly be blamed on 1. the fan is probably out in this laptop and 2. general lack of interest in posting a blog only to have it lost either by blogger not being able to connect to its' server OR because of #1 the entire computer just shuts off in the middle of brilliant blogness over here. Not that I'm a consistent blogger, as all of my riveted and loyal readers will tell you (Hi Wendy and Bubba!!) or 3. that sheer laziness thing.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading a blog for the last couple of days which can at least explain a small part of my large absence from here, the rest can be explained by a. sheer laziness (it's persistent albeit annoying) b. the flu from hell c. company from CA and NJ and d. the garden. Not necessarily in that order.

Speaking of The garden. How does it grow you ask? Well, the weeds are doing spectacularly well, my friends. I picked green beans yesterday and I think the grass has been tipping back Miracle Grow while I'm not looking. I'm looking forward to the 289 tomatoes on my 60+ tomato plants coming ripe all at once, that is if I can keep my chickens from eating them first. There is nothing like a vine-ripened-tomato off the vine, no?

Speaking of chickens, there are two roosters about to become Sunday Suppers. Invite anyone? I hear tell in these parts that there is nothing better than a fresh chicken. I told husband that he gets to kill the first one, so I can watch and learn. I plan to skin them whole and go from there. Will keep you posted (with pictures?) on the haps of that.

While we're in Barnyard talk, the piglets are growing well and getting quite aggressive with welcoming me to their stall while I dump slop in their slop-pan.

Oh HEY! BIG NEWS!!! I'm down to TWO GOATS. Yep, Nanny and her most-annoying-offspring are gone. Nanny went to "J's" and will co-exist with a bunch of other goats and probably have more annoying offspring. The buckling left yesterday in the back of a pick-up truck being driven by a Hispanic man most happy to bring his wife a birthday present. They will be eating goat-meat today. I had a bit of a moment with God yesterday, asking him to forgive me if by selling the goat to a man I knew was going to butcher him, I was doing anything immoral. The moment passed. How is it any different than the cattle, swine, or poultry slaughtered and put onto my dinner plate? Sigh. So, now my two favorite goats (as an aside, I just finished reading Heidi - and I now go around calling Dory my little "Schneehopli") Dory and Will are most spoiled and loved upon.

Husband finished cleaning out the last neglected stall in the barn yesterday and we put the two goats in there last night. Now we've just to begin the destruction and construction of the horse shelter on the east side of the barn.

Well since it's Saturday and in keeping with my laziness theme, I'm going to sign off, but if for some reason I'm inspired and find a block of time to myself where I'm not reading other blogs, I'll be back for a two-for-one.


While i was out.


bubba said...

Rooster is NOT the best one a hen is better. Cut head off while wearing clothes that don't mind blood. Let it flop until done. dip into scalding boiling water by the feet. Pluck it. Gut it. Oh forgot feet come off unless you need handles hahaha.

amothersheartinwords said...

Ah yes, but I have no NEED for TWO roosters (3, actually...) so, the hens live, the roosters will be supper. ;0)

Anna said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying the read. I, too have a kazillion tomatoes, no chickens, though.
Your chicken for dinner reminded me of a story about my uncle. He was a town boy, seriously crushin on a country girl back in the 1940's. He walked the (according to him) 5,427 miles (more like 3 miles) to her house early one summer day. Along about 10am, the girl's mother asked my uncle to go get her a chicken for supper. Being a town boy, wanting to impress the country girl's mother and all, he walked the 5,427 miles back to town, spent his meager pocket change on a chicken, and walked the 5,427 miles back to the farm. Of course, country girl's mamma couldn't figure out what happened to 'that durn boy', so went and got her own chicken. By the time he returned to the farm, hot and sweaty, with that wrapped chicken, he smelled the heavely smell of roasting chicken. He was met with the evil know the one, that cold, evil stare only a country mamma can give a stupid town boy, and gales of laughter from the girl's brothers.
When I asked my uncle what ever happened to that country girl, he told me to go talk to Aunt Nettie.

I sure enjoy your blog.

amothersheartinwords said...

Anna! I loved your story (about Aunt Nettie) and you had me laughing out loud way too early.

Wanna donut? :)

Thank you!
(do you have a blog?)

What is this leisure time of which you speak?

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